Sunday, September 2, 2007

How I loved my summer vacation!

I so enjoyed those COOL summer days in the beautiful PNW!

There were sea creatures...

...and Mermaids

and birthday #9 to celebrate!

Ferries to ride...

...and dinner in the city - What beautiful views!

A new generation learns t-ball

And plants trees to carry on family tradition.

Tuesday evening knit-alongs were the best! (You know who you are!) Can you count the bubble teas? Oh, Yes! The projects were beautiful,too!

And while some little angels have to get ready for a new school...

As is often said, 'All good things must come to an end' ...

...back on the east coast our soon-to-be new 'Home Sweet Home' sure does look good!

From the inside ... Can you smell the paint?

As well as the outside ... yet 'finished' it ain't!


Monday, July 2, 2007

Have you kissed a frog today?

Mother Nature just gifted us Marylanders with a fabulous weekend. Outdoor activity was a must-do. RJ, Leah & Asher came for the day and we spent the afternoon antiquing in Frederick. Late afternoon found us relaxing on the patio. Did I mention lunch and Rita's? Thank you,family, for spending the day with us.

Monday was full of surprises. A treasure box arrived from my kindred spirit Do you recognize the photo card? Sheila created the notecard using a pic that she also posted on her blog. She's so-o-o talented! OH! How I love those tired,but happy, faces. As though selling her beauties isn't time consuming enough, Sheila managed to think of picking up some yummy yarn to gift me. Aren't the colors beautiful? Michael's talent is also showcased in those two beautiful sets of glass circs. Thank You both, Sheila & Michael. You sure do know how to make a girl feel special. I almost feel as though I was at BS myself! Except for missing out on the actual fun!

OH! - one more thing - where is my Grandson Alex when I need him? This froggy just wouldn't leave me alone!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Big Dig (or why I missed BSG)

While all of those near and dear to me (and you know who you are!) were having the best of times at the I was on our new homesite to witness the digging out of our basement. YIPPEE! In the months to come I hope to bore all of you with updates.

Many years ago we use to accompany our DS & DDIL out into the neighboring countryside searching for treasures to furnish their home. Well, we're back in the saddle again! This time we want to replace our old junk with someone else's. We've grown partial to historic reproduction furniture.

This is an historic Charleston, SC reproduction dining table. No chairs, yet, but, we could do a buffet!

And, while I was tempted by this fountain for the front lawn, well,we don't have a lawn yet, and, there are those pesky HOA rules!

Monday, May 28, 2007

New Granddoggie

I'm so excited! My DS and his lovely wife (sorry,that's not her in the pic, it's me!) have added a new member to their family - a very handsome 1yo standard poodle named Asher. So doggie makes three. The reason I'm so excited is this - way back when my DD & her husband gave us our first granddoggie, three little grandchildren followed soon after. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and putting all the pressure I can on DS for this opportunity for him to 'catch up' with his sister - hey, remember all that sibling rivalry?

Surely Asher will soon need a handknitted scarf to wear on his walks - maybe Grandma will have to knit him one. And if we save his hair form when he is groomed we can send it to his auntie to inc into her spinning!

A family affair indeed!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On My Own Again!

The residual hoopla of the MS$W is definitely over now that the traveling team from OR is in the air. Hope they travel safely.

It's pleasantly warm & breezy here so I'll just enjoy a bit of time sitting in my Palm Room knitting a few more rows of the Midwest Moonlight. Here is a photo of the scarf so my DD can stop asking for one. She's really just testing my (lack of) blogging skills. But,honestly, w/o my support team of Jen & Sheila, where would I be?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Thanks to all of you who sent warm welcome greetings - this feels more like life in the fast lane!

MW$S was very crowded, as usual,but we still managed to make it to our fav vendors before they sold out. From Brooks Farm I purchased some Acero in a brown/black/teal colorway and using the most extravagant needles created by Michael (he sure does know how to spoil a girl - Sheila is so lucky!) in a yummy turquois color I have started (and re-started) Midwest Moonlight found in ScarfStyle. When I have a few more rows worked and the sun is shining I will post a pic. ( I bet you're checking up on me, S!)

And, truth be told, this would be the lesson plan left for me by Sheila while she is off with hubby visiting daughter in NYC. Pressure's on! After all of their hard, and non-stop, work at MW$S they've earned a well-deserved respite and I hope they are enjoying just gobs of fun!

Monday, May 7, 2007

MS$W Whoopee!

Ta-Da! An afternoon of blog 101 coached by the ever-patient team of Jen & Sheila may be just the boot this potential blogger needed. I swore to all of you that I really didn't have that much to say - but - as you all know, a major event was in our neck of the woods this past weekend which brought to town not only our very own glass artist duo but also daughter #1 who all together kept me up late hours and too early mornings. So I guess sometimes I do have something to talk about after all.

It was so much fun to 'work' with my fav vendors - as many of you already know you have an entirely diff perspective from behind the table. Needles went flying out of the booth and my fav customer was an 11yo young lady who returned on day #2 to show us she had already cast on. Sorry not to have her pic for she touched my heart.

It was lots of fun. We missed all of you that were not here, hope to see you soon. How about coming to Maryland next year for the show.