Monday, July 2, 2007

Have you kissed a frog today?

Mother Nature just gifted us Marylanders with a fabulous weekend. Outdoor activity was a must-do. RJ, Leah & Asher came for the day and we spent the afternoon antiquing in Frederick. Late afternoon found us relaxing on the patio. Did I mention lunch and Rita's? Thank you,family, for spending the day with us.

Monday was full of surprises. A treasure box arrived from my kindred spirit Do you recognize the photo card? Sheila created the notecard using a pic that she also posted on her blog. She's so-o-o talented! OH! How I love those tired,but happy, faces. As though selling her beauties isn't time consuming enough, Sheila managed to think of picking up some yummy yarn to gift me. Aren't the colors beautiful? Michael's talent is also showcased in those two beautiful sets of glass circs. Thank You both, Sheila & Michael. You sure do know how to make a girl feel special. I almost feel as though I was at BS myself! Except for missing out on the actual fun!

OH! - one more thing - where is my Grandson Alex when I need him? This froggy just wouldn't leave me alone!


Sheila E said...

I can just imagine myself sitting out on your deck with the fam! Wish that it were so.
You are definitely getting the hang of this blogging stuff My Dear!!
So glad that you like your new yarn and needles! It's a pleasure to gift you with are SO Special to us...hey, to everyone!!
Did you actually kiss that frog? You are a brave woman...tee hee ;)

Barb said...

You were truly missed at Black Sheep. I'm glad to hear you may be coming to see Jen (and hopefully me) soon. I can't wait!

Sheila E said...

Come on I KNOW you're up to something!! How about letting us in on it!!
New post Pleeeeeeze!!!!! ;)
Your friendly stalker....Me!