Monday, June 25, 2007

The Big Dig (or why I missed BSG)

While all of those near and dear to me (and you know who you are!) were having the best of times at the I was on our new homesite to witness the digging out of our basement. YIPPEE! In the months to come I hope to bore all of you with updates.

Many years ago we use to accompany our DS & DDIL out into the neighboring countryside searching for treasures to furnish their home. Well, we're back in the saddle again! This time we want to replace our old junk with someone else's. We've grown partial to historic reproduction furniture.

This is an historic Charleston, SC reproduction dining table. No chairs, yet, but, we could do a buffet!

And, while I was tempted by this fountain for the front lawn, well,we don't have a lawn yet, and, there are those pesky HOA rules!


Sheila E said...

While No excuse is good enough..or why you missed BSG....I loved the post!
Your table is awesome & I love the digging of the basement photo...I want the fountain they ship? Wouldn't that be a hoot!
We missed you Sweet Jackie...but we did have too much fun even though you weren't there....physically. You are always with us in Spirit!
Kisses and Hugs ;)

Barb said...

Yeah! The ground breaking has begun and your home is underway. I love the new table, but I'd bring home a dolphin, if the HOA won't let it stay outside, you could put it in your palm room (smile). You were with us. There were many, "What would Jackie do?" moments. I think we decided that you would need to bring whatever the object was home, so many purchases were made in your honor.