Monday, May 28, 2007

New Granddoggie

I'm so excited! My DS and his lovely wife (sorry,that's not her in the pic, it's me!) have added a new member to their family - a very handsome 1yo standard poodle named Asher. So doggie makes three. The reason I'm so excited is this - way back when my DD & her husband gave us our first granddoggie, three little grandchildren followed soon after. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and putting all the pressure I can on DS for this opportunity for him to 'catch up' with his sister - hey, remember all that sibling rivalry?

Surely Asher will soon need a handknitted scarf to wear on his walks - maybe Grandma will have to knit him one. And if we save his hair form when he is groomed we can send it to his auntie to inc into her spinning!

A family affair indeed!


Sheila E said...

Yippee...magically there you are & a mighty handsome threesome you make... indeed! I think that Asher has taken a shining to his Granny ;)
So tell me did you have a excellent weekend? How much fun exactly?
You are so darned cute...tee hee...
I miss you Big Sis!!
Thanks for the great photo!!

jenknits said...

Great pic! Hey - it looks like summer there! I'm so glad that I am on the upper end of that peer pressure you are creating.

Sheila E said...

I have been waiting....patiently.... for a new post...WHEN? PLEASE....!!