Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Thanks to all of you who sent warm welcome greetings - this feels more like life in the fast lane!

MW$S was very crowded, as usual,but we still managed to make it to our fav vendors before they sold out. From Brooks Farm I purchased some Acero in a brown/black/teal colorway and using the most extravagant needles created by Michael (he sure does know how to spoil a girl - Sheila is so lucky!) in a yummy turquois color I have started (and re-started) Midwest Moonlight found in ScarfStyle. When I have a few more rows worked and the sun is shining I will post a pic. ( I bet you're checking up on me, S!)

And, truth be told, this would be the lesson plan left for me by Sheila while she is off with hubby visiting daughter in NYC. Pressure's on! After all of their hard, and non-stop, work at MW$S they've earned a well-deserved respite and I hope they are enjoying just gobs of fun!


Sam, sometimes Suzanne said...

I'm having fun going through all the MS&W pictures! Welcome again to the blogosphere, and I know we all look forward to seeing and reading more. :-)

jenknits said...

I want to see pics of that scarf knitting up! And how about some Asher pictures?