Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On My Own Again!

The residual hoopla of the MS$W is definitely over now that the traveling team from OR is in the air. Hope they travel safely.

It's pleasantly warm & breezy here so I'll just enjoy a bit of time sitting in my Palm Room knitting a few more rows of the Midwest Moonlight. Here is a photo of the scarf so my DD can stop asking for one. She's really just testing my (lack of) blogging skills. But,honestly, w/o my support team of Jen & Sheila, where would I be?


Barb said...

You are a natural born blogger! You know just hearing that you are in the palm room doing stuff is cool to hear about. Your scarf looks awesome and I also have finally got my mind around that you are not talking of some fancy cassino that has a "Palm Room" - nope, this is in your home. How cool is that!?
Glad you got the travelers off for home. I'll be winging my way back home from this business trip tomorrow night. Then I can realax by the pond while you are with the palms. We can have our on little fiber oasis!

jenknits said...

Hahaha. Very nice scarf! I can see why the men in the family like it.

Sheila E said...

I agree...you were Born to Blog ;)
Love the picture of the scarf...I see you did more since we left you...YESTERDAY morning....speed knitter!!
I miss you and I miss your Palm Room!! I already put your blog on mine so we can keep up with the action!!
You did a great job of photographing the scarf and posting it too!!
You Rock!!
Hugs to you both and a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!

Angela said...

The scarf is looking lovely! The combination of yarn and pattern is beautiful.

Sheila E said...

It's time for a new posting...don't want to get rusty...Besides we ALL want to know what you have been up to!!
Damn I miss you ;(